Thursday, August 07, 2003

Hot Hot Summer
Its hot, but I'm still on the net (why??!)....couple of things that are interesting and I’ve come across on the web. First is a really interesting radio show on Slave Revolt Radio where the hosts, two genial former Black Panthers chat with some people from NEFAC (North Eastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists) – it’s a kind of old-school revolutionary theory of Marxism meets the new(ish) generation of Anarchists. Unlike many meetings of Marxists vs. Anarchists is genial and informative affair and makes interesting listening. The shows two hosts come out with top-sound bite after top sound-bite (“I don’t care who you are, the book is your friend”).

I like. Listen to it on

Plus I notice that 'The Terminator' is standing for office in California. I wonder if all the right-wing commentators who lambasted actors like Suzan Sarrendon & Martin Sheen for his anti-war stance, declaring that "actors should stay out of politics" are now going to turn on right-winger Arnie? We'll see, but a doubt it - still they can at least claim that Arine is not an actor and so they're not being hypocritical....

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