Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Head-meld-bonkers Update
Every day I see things that make me realise that the assertions of Derrick Jensen that the dominant culture hates itself and everything to the point where it is dragging us into a mass ecocide; "There can be no real peace when living with someone who has already declared war, no peace but capitulation. And even that, as we see around us, doesn’t lead to further peace but to further degradation and exploitation..." from 'A Language Older than Words' by Derrick Jensen

I read this and then I see: "The British Environment Agency has reported that the anti-depression drug Prozac can now be found in Britain's drinking water. Prozac is being used at such an alarming rate in Britain that it is building up both in river systems and groundwater."

Its fucked. We are fucked unless we act now – so come to the G8 meeting as a suggested starting point. While on the subject of fucked – Iraq. How fucked up can it get?

This fucked up?

I guess so.

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