Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Call to Arms
I am seeing more and more information about peak oil arriving in the media. Not is a major sense, and often from an odd angle, but here's Heinberg, author of 'The Party's Over' issuing a call to arms over Peak Oil: Oil is a finite resource - and the decline of world oil production is predicted to occur anytime within the next 30 years. To avoid the worst-case scenario, we must begin today to reduce our dependence on oil. Clear and to the point.

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anarchist said...

Good question. My reply would be that the end of the age of oil offers a unique opportunity when the military force that maintains the current status-quo will be unable to sustain itself and new possibilities can evolve - but only if we look for ways to live outside it now. Capitalism is a high energy system - in our low energy future, we have hope for a just and sustainable world.