Tuesday, January 03, 2006

From The Wires...
A few links from the web I've been reading and would recomend...

There are three forces that can end this war and bring the troops home. The first is the Iraqi people themselves, who can defeat the American army through a war of attrition and general resistance. The second is a movement of the American people that builds its own autonomous power and forces American elites to abandon their imperial project in Iraq. And a third movement could involve American soldier resistance and refusal. In all likelihood, it will be a combination of all three that will end the war.

A good article, though about the US has lots of valid points for UK too. Robert Fisk has written a new article, and as usual its an amazing read. I got his book 'The Great War for Civilization' for Xmas (Fanks xxxx!!) and so far its an amazing read. Its rare you get both an amazing grasp of language, a deep intellectual insight and historical roots in one book - this has. Recommended. Anyhow, this is also a good review of the Middle East/Iraq in '05:

War without End
My year began with a massive explosion in Beirut, just 400 metres from me, as a bomb killed the ex-prime minister Rafiq Hariri. It continued on 7 July when a bomb blew up two trains back from me on the Piccadilly line. Oh, the dangerous world we live in now. I suppose we all have to make our personal choices these days. Mine is that I am not going to allow 11 September 2001 to change my world. Bush may believe that 19 Arab murderers changed his world. But I'm not going to let them change mine. I hope I'm right.

And finally Aaron Spectre has got some amazing mixes you can download from his site - check out the 'Live @ Brussels Breakcore Gives Me Wood' which is him under the Drum Corps banner – wikkid.

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