Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fresh Shoots
I came across this new magazine, Bulb, recently. It looks like an attempt to merge radical and eco issues with a kind of Face/Edge style design and look. In fact the whole thing looks like a radiohead cover with words on. Not that that's a bad thing. I always think radiohead covers look very odd-cool.

It also reminds me (content-wise) of the Year Zero thing that Adam Porter did. I did buy a few copies of Year Zero, but it had too much football for me.

Still Bulb looks good and from a glance, should do what needs to be done in-terms of getting a radical message to a wider audience. Nice.

PS. A great quote about the Iraq war: "Because, let's be clear: an aggressive war without UN sanction, whether marketed on a mountain of lies or not, is a crime and the legal equivalent of mass murder." (from

PPS. Discovered a new Venetian Snares site. Uses crappy frames, but has great content. Check the live @ die Werft set and an amazing video of Szamar Madar from the sublime album Rossz Csillag Allat Sz├╝letett.

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