Friday, March 30, 2007

Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Middle East Focus – Iraq

Monday April 2nd 2007 @ Cube Cinema. Doors open 7.30pm, film starts at 8pm. £3/4 though nobody turned away for lack of funds.

This year Bristol Indymedia Film Night will be taking a deeper look at the history and stories behind the headlines of the middle east. The region is rarely off the headlines with bombings, shootings and killing and yet has around 60% of the worlds oil supply.

Opening the evening will be veteran peace activist and well known campaigner, Dr. Margaret Jones. Margaret is one of the Fairford Five and will be talking about the cases (due to begin, again, at Bristol Crown Court in April) and discussing direct action acts of resistance to the invasion of Iraq.

We will also be screening 'UNCOVERED: The War on Iraq' a feature length documentary. Filmmaker Robert Greenwald chronicles the Bush Administration's determined quest to invade Iraq following the events of September 11, 2001. The film deconstructs the administration's case for war through interviews with U.S intelligence and defense officials, foreign service experts, and U.N. weapons inspectors -- including a former CIA director, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia and even President Bush's Secretary of the Army. Their analyses and conclusions are sobering, and often disturbing, regardless of one's political affiliations. "IMPOSSIBLE TO DISMISS." -Baltimore Sun

Venue: Cube Cinema: Dove St South (off Kings Square), Bristol

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