Saturday, November 17, 2007

Iraq: Reality Behind the Spin

Iraq has dropped from the news somewhat recently following a spin-campaign by the Bu$h administration to (again) say how Iraq had 'turned the corner';

Rocket and mortar attacks in Iraq are reported to have fallen to their lowest levels for nearly two years. The US military said such attacks in October fell to 369, half the level during October 2006. This is the third month running of reduced rocket fire Mortar and rocket attacks in Baghdad showed a similar pattern, falling to 53 in October from more than 200 in June.

So we are to believe that its all going great. But I personally doubt that this is the case. When you read between the lines of the few reports that come out of Iraq outside the Green Zone it all seems far from improving and instead, that the seeds of further destruction are being laid;

Meet Abu Abed: the US's new ally against al-Qaida...The Americans pay him $400 (£200) a month for each fighter he provides, he said, and he had 600 registered. His men are awed by his courage, his piety and his neurotic rages....When we arrived at the house where the alleged al-Qaida commander was hiding, Bakr [one of Abu Abed's gunmen] was already in action. He was dragging a plump man into a car, grabbing his neck with one hand and his BKC machine gun with the other. The horrified man begged them not to take him. "By Allah, I didn't say Qaida is better than you, you are our brothers, just let me go!" A gunman kicked the man and pushed him into a car. The suspect's brother, still in his pyjamas, pleaded, and women in nightgowns stood in the street wailing and begging the gunmen to release him...Abu Abed, screaming and pointing his gun, charged at the crowd. "Qaida is better than me? I will show you!"

Great tactic
, replacing one group of psychopathic thugs for another. That what is being called 'progress' in Iraq. Meanwhile in Basra, things are also nothing like the 'democratic' lace UK soldiers have supposedly fought for;

To reach Basra airport, the last remaining British base in Iraq, you have to pass through a series of Iraqi and British checkpoints. I took an official taxi, one that is permitted to drive into the airport. At a British checkpoint, a young soldier with sandy hair and a dirty flak jacket stuck his head through the window and said: "Badges."

The driver handed over his ID badge and I gave him my passport. He handed the passport back and kept the driver's badge. "Money," he said to the driver.

"Me no money," the driver said in broken English, forcing a big smile on to his face. "Money, moneeeyyy," said the soldier. He pointed at the driver's shirt pocket. "Me no money ... me badge please," the driver said, laughing.

"You give money, I give you badge," said the soldier. "Camera, camera," said driver, pointing at the nearby British watchtower. "Money, money," repeated the soldier.

The driver handed the soldier a 5,000 Iraqi dinar note, worth around £1.50.

The soldier tucked it in his pocket and said: "No, I want that." He pointed at a red 25,000 note in the driver's hand. The driver insisted, "No." After a bit of haggling, he was handed the badge.

"Fuck you, British," the driver said as he sped off.

Wicked plan, sting the taxi drivers for £1.50 - that'll help the War of Terror progress and 'turn the corner'. And finally, the price women continue to pay and pay in the global War of Terror;

Khalaff told the BBC this week that 42 women had been killed in Basra between July and September as part of a campaign by religious extremists elements carrying out a campaign of violence and intimidation against women.

Great - they could meet up and chat with the Saudi's and exchange tips on terrorising women.

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