Friday, May 01, 2009

Britain Leaves Iraq, the War goes on

So finally, 6 years later, too many dead later and over £3 billion poured into the quagmire and finally the British forces are leaving Iraq. Despite the attempted propaganda, the situation is better but not perfect as US forces are still needed in Basra to replace the British. The British forces and government are trying to put a 'mission accomplished' spin on it, but it is a faliure - no WMDs, no functioning democracy and the low-level civil war rumbles on. While not as bad as it was, there are still around 15 US troops dying per month and the last British solider killed was in February this year.

There is also the worrying trend of the power of 'our man' in Iraq that is getting, well, dictatorial;

"Dictators didn't come out of nowhere, they didn't come by a great explosion. They come by capturing small things bit by bit. Small things are very telling - they tell you the nature of things to come. One day people will wake up and ask how did we come here, it must be an awful conspiracy."


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