Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get A Brain, Morans!

Here's a link to brighten your day...(though sadly a Facebook link so you've got to login to see it). It is photos of right-wing protest signs with hilarious spellings, like:

I do lots of spelling errors and grammar errors, so I sympathise, but if you're going to tell people they are morons via big sign: spellcheck.

Venezueia? Where the hell is that? Come on people!


taiwan77 said...

can you blog pro or con about my post here:?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009
How Climate Denialists Like Marc Morano and Anthony Watts, among others, Jeff Jacoby, too, see Climate Change Evidence Yet continue to deny it is real

How Climate Denialists Like Marc Morano and Anthony Watts, Jeff Jacoby, too, among other
well-intentioned by seriously misguided people, See Climate Change
Evidence and Continue to Deny It is Happening, Inspite of it all


UPDATE: I need to make this very clear, not everyone saw this at first. I am not saying Holocaust deniers of today are similar to climate denialsts. I wrote in the post below that just as MANY people AT THAT TIME, during WWWII, 1939- 1945, refused to "SEE" what was happening to the Jews in Europe, despite govt reports and photos and documents, MOST PEOPLE at that time DID NOT BELIEVE any Holocaust was HAPPENING. This is what my post is about. Just in the same way that TODAY, MANY PEOPLE like our friends in the denialist/skeptic camps DO NOT BELIEVE that AGW is real or that climate change is happening, despite govt reports and photos and scientific docs. This is about DENIAL at the time. It is not about Holocaust deniers of today. They are insane crazy people. The climate denialists are sane, good people. But they are in denial. THAT IS MY POINT HERE. READ IT AGAIN. BELOW.

Look at it this way: it's as if trustworthy and trusted world
intelligence from scientists and universities have ample aerial photos
of marked trains making their way toward concentration camps in Nazi
Germany during WWII during the Holocaust, photos and written reports
of eyewitnesses of Jews being rounded up in ghettoes for eventual
deportation to said death camps, and the evidence includes German govt
statements about Jews and the Final Solution, intel reports that Jews
were being gassed -- this is in 1941, mind you! -- AND to climate
denialists like Marc and Anthony and Rush and Jacoby who say: "What
Jews?" "What Final Solution?" What death camps?" "That's all leftwing
propaganda, it's not happening, period." "There are no Jews being
rounded up and put on trains for Auschwitz and Treblinka. There are no
showers with poison gas for the deportees; that's all propaganda by
the Holocaust Industry!"

"The intel reports by the anti-Hitler groups on the left and liberal
groups in the middle are mere propaganda to raise money for their onw
war chests," says the climate denialists like Jacoby and Morano and
Watts and Rush Limbaugh. "And Al Gore contributed to this anti-Nazi
propaganda, even though he was not even born yet. Yes he did!"

WELL-INTENTIONED YET TWISTED WAY. And Jeff Jacoby is a good friend of
mine, and I mean no disrepect to him by making these comparions. He will understand my analogy very well. And
if anyone will get it, he will. But Jeff won't budge. Marc Morano will get it, but he will
make up a good excuse. Anthony Watts will ban me from commenting on
his blog again. I don't even know Rush.

bi -- International Journal of Inactivism said...


The goons can simply put a cat in the background, and pretend that the spelling errors are part of lolcatspeak. Then again, anything associated with "I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER" probably smacks too much of Marxism for their tastes.

-- bi

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a post on Island of doubt.

As the author, James Hrynyshyn, wrote at the time:

"With enemies like these, who needs friends?"


Anonymous said...

Dear Biko,

You're an idiot, climate change is a fraud. Now go pay your carbon taxes.

Russellbyyc said...

Dear Biko, You're an idiot, climate change is a fraud. Now go pay your carbon taxes.