Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goatlab Radio October 2009

Myself, Anakissed and Parasite do the radio thing!


1. Unuramenura - Savage Moon (Insecticide MIX)
2. The Wicker Man Soundtrack - Fire Leap (Trunk Records)
3. Scott D. Davis - Master Of Puppets (Metallica cover)
4. Prince Kong - Load It (Thug) ft. Jah Balance, Problem PG & Anthony Que (!Kaboogie)
5. The Wicker Man Soundtrack - Maypole Song (Trunk Records)
6. Trozminster Krapowski - DJ Mix (excerpt)
7. FFF - Your Time is Up (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
8. The Wicker Man Soundtrack - Willow’s Song (Trunk Records)
9. Hot Chip & Peter Gabriel - Cape Code Kwassa Kwassa (Vampire Weekend cover)
10. Maladroit - Leonard Cohen As The Demiurge (Hard 2B Core Records EXCLUSIVE!)
11. Enter Shikari Original / Enter Shikari Remix
12. BD1982 - Space Boots [Slugabed Remix] (Seclusiasis)

Check it out.

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myself wants to know what you have against the word 'I' ?