Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Climate Denial Myth Bites the Dust

Climate Change Deniers, having long ago lost the argument of the science - have concentrated much of their energy on smearing the most prominent people associated with the IPCC: chair of the IPCC Rajendra Pachauri came in for loads of flack about him cashing in on climate change - serious allegations - except that none of it was true. So yet again the bastion of anti-science reporting, The Telegraph got it wrong - 100% wrong;

In December, an article in the Sunday Telegraph had claimed that the UN climate chief was "making a fortune from his links with 'carbon trading' companies" and that payments from his work for other organisations "must run into millions of dollars". The article has since been removed from the newspaper's website.

Last weekend it issued an apology to Pachauri. "[The article] was not intended to suggest that Dr Pachauri was corrupt or abusing his position as head of the IPCC and we accept KPMG found Dr Pachauri had not made 'millions of dollars' in recent years. We apologise to Dr Pachauri for any embarrassment caused."

This is after another withdrawn article on climate science, alleging that claims over rainforest depletion in the IPCC report were wrong and unsubstantiated - when they were right and substantiated. Again 100% wrong.

Again, it's a huge fail.

PS. On the bright side the climate denailists are typically humbled and conciliatory..
He is one of the global warming liars and is scum. I will apologise when hell freezes over.


PPS. AND! don't forget that Dr Pachauri was the choice of Bush's administration, who lobbied (and put pressure on other countries to lobby) the IPCC into picking him over Bob Watson, who was considered too extreme for Bush & co!


Anonymous said...

"having long ago lost the argument of the science"

I wonder where you got that idea from?

anarchist said...

I got it from the fact that the denailist argument is being lead by non-scientists; Lord Monkton (a classics scholar), McIntyre (mining enginner), Watts (weatherman), Morrano (political operative), Lomborg (economist) and so on. Where are the denailist climate scientists other than tiny, tiny handful of paid shills? Where are the published sceptic articles apart from the tiny handful of vaguely contrition ones?

Battle was lost long ago.