Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting the CO2 Cuts to work...not easy...

Getting the cuts in CO2 is going to be hard... This is from an email FWed to me by a friend (I'm hot claiming the credit for it).

This is an interesting carbon calculator, which lets you see the consequences of possible actions to hit the 'scientific minimum' target for reduction of UK emissions of 80% by 2050.

I tried the following scenario:
Reduce domestic power consumption by 50%;
Major shift from road transport to low carbon;
Halving of all road freight;
50 new nuclear power stations;
New desert solar project;
20,000 new onshore wind turbines;
24,000 new offshore wind turbines;
Sequestration of 30 million tonnes of carbon underground.

With all of that, plus a lot of other measures, I could only get a reduction of 57%!

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Anonymous said...

To achieve the cuts it's not really about the supply, it's more about the demand (most importantly where we get our heat from). Reducing demand really is key and is much cheaper than laying on supply.

Most interestingly (given that it's a DECC calculator) is that it clearly demonstrates that no nukes and no CSS are necessary: