Saturday, March 19, 2005

Craig the Fighter
In my last post I give the nasty truth of torture being used as part of the so-called 'war on terror (tm)' and now I am happy to follow the post with some good news, Craig Murray, straight-talking British Ambassador, Craig Murray unmasked the tyrannical 'Karimov' regime, in Uzbekistan. While others kept quiet, our man in Tashkent hit the headlines, working tirelessly to expose the mass-murder at the heart of this Central Asian dictatorship - who has decided to take Jack Straw 'Dogs' on in the upcomming election. Good on him, as it will be an uphill battle. He has already found it hard to rent a HQ as the local property people don't want to piss Straw 'Dogs' off.

According to Bu$h and Bliar, the Karimov regeme, that has boiled people alive, is an ally in the 'war on terror (tm)' - a fitting addition to the war criminals, rapists, sadists and corporate whores in the war so far. I want to write more but am away in France for the Peace Off gig to see local crew Parasite and Anakissed fly the flag for Bristle alongside Sickboy, Rotator, Drop the Lime, Krumble and the very top named Fishcat (or chatpoission to translate). So will write more later.

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