Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sometimes the most amazing juxtapositions happen: I watch the Steven Soderbergh film traffic which was on the TV over the Easter weekend and partway though during the ad break and an advert came on for reebok fronted by former low-level crack dealer 50 Cent talking about how many times he got shot, followed by an anti-cocaine advert from the state then back to the film about the failure of the war on drugs. You cant make this shit up!

The film ends with the former US drug Czar giving an amazing speech where he says (and I am paraphrasing) if we are fighting a war on drugs then some of the enemy are our own friends and family.

Few other things I would recommend on the net –
-Ward Churchill and Derrick Jensen in conversation. Amazing stuff.
-Plus an interview with Derrick in NoCompromise.org.
-Naomi Klien gives one of the best dissections of the Iraq war I have heard.

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