Friday, February 17, 2006

America Now Means Oppression
Whether true or not, to many around the globe – America meant freedom. What thing like the Iraq war and Bu$h's inept PR have done is show the mainstream the real score (Quote: Any other even averagely intelligent US president would have probably done the very same things, but would have managed to smoke-up the glass and confuse the opposition. [Bush] has achieved what writers, activists and scholars have striven to achieve for decades. He has exposed the ducts. He has placed on full public view the working parts, the nuts and bolts of the apocalyptic apparatus of the American empire.)

Proof of this comes from when US troops uncovered a Sunni death squad in action in Iraq:

The 22 interior ministry traffic policemen, dressed in police commando uniforms, were arrested in late January at an Iraqi army checkpoint in northern Baghdad and asked what they were doing. They told soldiers they were taking a Sunni man away to be shot dead.

What this means is that in the minds of Iraqs, working alongside the US, this is acceptable behavior – this is what the country behind the, Contras, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo does. Its how the US of A is.

"The amazing thing is... they tell you exactly what they’re going to do," Gen Peterson said.

Not it is not General. Its a view consistent with your record. You are not the good guys, your the guys doing the bidding of a ruthless, self-interested elite with a ecocidal death-wish.

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