Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oil Junkie Rehab
Good news everybody! Sweden has decided to kick the oil habit; "Sweden is to take the biggest energy step of any advanced western economy by trying to wean itself off oil completely within 15 years - without building a new generation of nuclear power stations. The attempt by the country of 9 million people to become the world's first practically oil-free economy is being planned by a committee of industrialists, academics, farmers, car makers, civil servants and others, who will report to parliament in several months."

Wow - its like a fantasy headline - 'Rational Thought Invades Western Country' and so while our media fixates on the pointless, endless and unwinable 'War on Terror' (as if such a thing could exist) plus the micro-lives of celebrities, our government is busy privatizing everything it can (aka 'Reform') and beating the drum of war with Iran (to feed the oil habit); there is a light of hope!

What's sad is the the local council PR-rubbish of 'Bristol Sustainable City' is nothing more than a smoke-screen, as they continue to push things like yuppie flat complexes and the white elephant of expanstion at bristol airport.

After September 11th we were told that we are all American's now. I'd like to look over the sea and wish that we were all a little more Swedish.

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