Sunday, May 04, 2008

Elections: It's Iraq All Over

The collapse of the Neo-Labour vote was spectacular. This letter to the Guardian sums it up well;

The Labour party's projected share of the vote in Thursday's elections has sunk to a low not seen since the 1960s - 24% as of yesterday morning. But Gordon Brown, timid and cowardly yet simultaneously nasty though he has been since he came to office last year, should not carry all the blame for this disaster; remember this is only 2% down on the 2004 elections. The decline began after Tony Blair's immoral and almost certainly illegal invasion of Iraq. Some of us who used to vote Labour as a matter of course have not voted for the party since and will never do so again until the party members who supported this catastrophe, including Brown, have been replaced by a new generation of real Labour people.

Indeed. Brown can talk about 'listening to the people' all he wants put the core fact is that is that Neo-Labour just don't get democracy. It is not in their genes. Iraq is a good example; the largest mass of people ever in the UK protest it and they still push on - forgetting that they are supposed to work for us. But it is not only over Iraq; the sham consultations on the Heathrow expansion, ID cards and nuclear power all attest to the control-freak party intent on stifling any opposition to their plans. For Neo-Labour, spin is not about informing people about what they are up to, but a means on control - lets call their spin what it is - propaganda. The media are largely (with honorable exceptions) complicit in this because they too failed on Iraq and don't like to be reminded and they too are happy with a neo-liberal system.

I hope this represents the collapse of Neo-Labour and we can get on with the task of building a real democracy.

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