Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The War on Terror: Hearts & Minds Loss

I watched the documentary 'Age of Terror' by Peter Taylor the other day about the IRA bombing of the remembrance day parade back in 1987. Part of the discussion of the attack was around if the IRA planned to kill civilians and it seemed to be the consensus that they did not, but they were more than prepared to accept them as 'collateral' for the attack on the security forces. The framing of this bit was with revulsion, of course. But if you follow this line, this is the same justification Britain and America uses in Iraq and Afghanistan, that some resistance groups in Iraq use when they plant an IED and so on. Some groups are deliberately targeting civilians, a further jump down the moral pit. I would argue that the UK/U$ abandonment of any pretense of morality in this war is not much different from the 'evil dooers'. This brings me to my 'quote for the day';

The war on terror, O'Connor [counsel to Salahuddin Amin, tortured with complicity the of MI5] suggested, "has led those on both sides ... to share common standards of illegality and immorality".

The same documentary also highligted how the IRA's war could only have been ended politically. So click here is a 'picture for the day';

Says it all really.

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