Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Realpolitik Iraq

All those people who died to give Iraq 'freedom' and 'democracy', all those trillions spent to get it. This is what it looks like...

The United States has asked Israel to check the possibility of pumping oil from Iraq to the oil refineries in Haifa. The request came in a telegram last week from a senior Pentagon official to a top Foreign Ministry official in Jerusalem.

Hang on, it it not Iraq's oil? Nope - it just happens to be under Iraqi soil, but goddam it, it U$A OIL and they will do with it as they please. And before us Brits get smug over this, our government is at it too;

A social justice group has obtained documents showing that the British government tried to influence a new Iraqi oil law in favour of UK businesses. The London-based Platform group said on Friday that the documents showed British diplomats tried to exclude Iraqi oil firms in favour of firms such as BP and Shell.

(Also interesting to note as the twice-fired minsiter, now EU trade representative Peter 'Bliar' Mandelson talks down a boycott of China, the Chinese government move to buys a skate in BP.)

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Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, you so called revolutionaries tell so many lies I can't tell what's true anymore. The fact is, you're about on the same level as the guys you claim to hate.

You invite warmongers to our town hall and the establishment invite warmongers to our arts centres, you're stupid and it's still your fault because you follow the same sort of politics as Blair and co. Being smug and taking the opposite side won't save you from peak oil, especially as the only reason you bother is to salve your middle class conscience.

If you really want to change the world then do something positive instead of just latching on to the polar opposite of what our illustrious leaders support, after all the poles are very similar in climate aren't they?