Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Creationism: Its All Bunk

It is a little tedious to get into if people are pro/anti-science per-se. It is often more complex than that. For example, I could be called anti-GM - I don't have any moral objections to the idea of manipulating genes, but I do have a moral objection to the implemntation of this technology as we don't really understand it as yet and it is another control method. However when it comes to creationism/Intelligent Design, it is clearly just rubbish;

In six months, evolution's 'just so story' led to new drug targets for new HIV/AIDS therapies, and a brand new avenue of research for immunologists and virologists all over the world (tetherins role in influenza, ebola, EBV, herpes, whoo!!!!).... But what would have happened in Bizarro World? What would have happened if Intelligent Design Creationists were in charge...What [have the creationists] been doing the past six months? How [have they] contributed to the HIV research community? The medical community? The scientific community? ...What have they done in the past six months to help stop AIDS, cancer, influenza, MSRA, anything??

But that did not stop the Bristol Festival of Ideas from promoting it, along with a class-A wargonger.

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