Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Enduring Freedom by Supporting Tyranny

So as reported, the attacks of the Taliban on NATO supplies has reached crisis point. So what will they do about it?

Nato is negotiating with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to allow supplies for Nato forces, including fuel, to cross borders into Afghanistan from the north. The deal, which officials said was close to being agreed, follows an agreement with Moscow this year allowing Nato supplies to be transported by rail or road through Russia.

So in the continuing war for freedom NATO is now striking deals with;
- Russia - a 'managed democracy', i.e. not one.
- Turkmenistan - until December 2006 it was a dictatorship, has has elections of a sort but does not respect human rights.
- Uzbekistan - Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, as well as United States Department of State and Council of the European Union define Uzbekistan as "an authoritarian state with limited civil rights"
- Tajikistan - A corrupt, despotic democracy; "The latest parliamentary elections occurred in 2005 (two rounds in February and March), and as all previous elections, international observers believe them to have been corrupt, arousing many accusations from opposition parties that President Emomali Rahmon manipulates the election process."

Nice. That's what I call enduring freedom!

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