Sunday, April 05, 2009

Denial Watch: It's the Ideology That is Broke

As a new denialist (though the denialist arguments are much weaker than before) spools off on Bristol Indymedia; This is a great comment from DavidCOG posted on the highly recommended blog by Greenfyre on the subject of not only denailism but also the mainstream denial that our politicians are in after being happy to pay trillions to bail out the banks and unwilling to bailout the climate. The bits in italics quote an earlier comment.

> “They are lying, and they know it. … convinced themselves that they serve a greater ‘Truth’…”

This is the only way I can make sense of ‘these people’. They have convinced themselves that ACC cannot possibly be true because the implications of it being true run counter to their conservative / libertarian / whatever political / social ideology. They’ve become certain that it’s only a matter of time before the *real* evidence is uncovered, and while they’re waiting for that, it’s perfectly justifiable to ‘bend’ the truth a little - anything to stop the leftists / Marxists / socialists making a big land grab.

And there is no antidote to that. There is no evidence or rational argument that will sway them.

> “…the death match we are now engaged in. … That may seem an overstatement…”

Not really when one reads things like We’re playing Russian Roulette with tipping points - and the conservatives are pulling the trigger with grim enthusiasm.

And outside of the public battle for truth, I see little or no sign of our ‘leaders’ doing anything to save us from the coming tsunami. Over here in the UK, PM Brown has made many fine speeches, but his actions don’t match. £120 million for renewable investment, £2,300,000 million for bailing out car makers. And more of the same from the G20 - These people think we can consume our way out of the problem.


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