Saturday, April 04, 2009

More on Bristol's Neo-Labour Hope

I posted a short article about the new guy from the Neo-Labour party and how hollow his rhetoric sounds. I wrote;

Would this be the same Labour government who for the last eight years allied itself to the most significant anti-Climate Change activists in the world, the Bu$h regime. The same government who approved the third runway at Heathrow and who – via its proxy in SWRDA has, until recently, been using public funds to subsidise airport development in the region.

Then Paul (or at least a poster claiming to be Paul) appeared on the blog to comment;

Yes these are the reasons I want to take the debate to the heart of Government...


and there was me expecting a endorsement from the anarchists of Bristol. I am standing to change and improve the Labour Government not to endorse everything they have done. Indeed I was partly motivated to put myself forward to the local Labour Party to ensure that a robotic yes person politician was not selected.

I will be publishing a fuller political statement on my website soon to set out where I stand on a range of issues.

So at least he has a sense of humour. But seriously - how bankrupt is Labour? Totally. It is staggeringly simplistic (or simply propaganda to us voting masses) that Paul thinks he can 'take the debate to the heart of Government' - a government who don't give a shit about what you or I think.

At a local level; the ongoing debacle over cycling city and Red Trousergate shows the lack of environmental will-power of the local Labour party; they they had wanted the enviroment to count - they could have made it so. But no, it's spin and developers first.

At a national level; Heathrow - no clearer demonstration of climate first could be shown, but not - its developers and spin first. The recent account of the twists and turns of the official reports and consultation in such a way to favour the polluters is staggering. (examples 1 ,2 & 3)

At an international level; Former Neo-Labour leader, friend of big oil, Tony 'War Crimes' Bliar is going to be raking in even more ca$h as an advisor to the Colombian government of Álvaro Uribe. Yes, Bliar is helping out with a government of death squads, big oil and environmental degradation thanks to the failed coca spraying.

Face it if environmentalism is a left turn on the political road-map, then the Labour party is a right.

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