Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Miss Great Britian: Wot Tosh (but Funny)

There is a very, very funny article on Miss Great Britain online - I laughed a lot, so much I had to read it aloud to friends. So I guess on the plus side the one good thing to come out of Miss Great Britain is this article!

Enjoy, here's a sample;

Backstage, the geography was faulty. Miss St Albans wasn't from St Albans, she was from Watford. Miss Newport wasn't from Newport, she was from Swansea. "The Swansea title had gone so I did Newport," said Miss Newport. And they all went to pageants all the time - some had multiple titles, like a disease. Miss Bournemouth was also Miss Photogenic. Miss Torquay was the Face of the English Riviera (I didn't know the Riviera had a face). "Last year I was Miss Personality," said one girl with no personality at all. I wondered if she would have to surrender her title that year to a breadboard.

They told me stories. Miss Dorset once dated a football player whose ex-girlfriend ripped out her hair extensions in a nightclub toilet. She was also surprised because they had all been spray-tanned the previous night. "They sprayed so many of us," she simpered, "that the hotel air-conditioning system crashed due to overload." Miss St Helens stood in front of a mirror listing her perceived physical defects to me: "Makeup, hair, posture, bum, boobs, legs, walking." The only degrees here were degrees of self-loathing. The fear was real.


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andreac said...

hi erm could you tell me who you are please???? as I AM MISS ST HELENS, and i in no way stood in front of a mirror and listed all my defects to a complete stranger...awaiting your explanation.......Miss St Helens!!!