Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Rant at Religion

Very interesting rant about religion...that was 'inspired' by a fundamentalist commenting on the sad death in a plane crash of some kids - whos dad ran a clinic that did abortions. Apparently the fundamentalist in question thinks this is their god taking revenge. Nice peaceful religion then - why God didn't give the dad a heart attack rather than killing his kids and a pilot unconnected to abortions, I guess must be him upstairs moving in 'mysterious ways'?

All I can feel is horror at the kinds of monsters who would find grim satisfaction in the death of 6 to 10 year old children, as if it were payback for abortion. At amoral pious hypocrites who would regard this as an opportunity to assault human beings broken-hearted by pain and loss, to proselytize for the bloody-handed god of their death cult, to compound agony with accusations of guilt. There is no humanity left in these sanctimonious creatures, it's been bled out and replaced with fanaticism and dogma.


Once again, I am confirmed in my opinion that Christianity is a breeder of evil, a cesspit in which the most hateful and inhuman commitment to lies and delusions can ferment. Don't ever preach at me about Christian morality: I've seen it, and it is empty of love for humanity, replaced with sanctimonious idolatry and commitment to dead, dumb superstition.


Anonymous said...

From: Nazis! Sweet and Kind!

Comment after Who is Jesus Anyway? : "Jesus is a title! Christ is a title! His name was Immanuel! (Is. 7:14; Matt. 1:23) Christianity is a godless pack of title worshippers!" (Is. 8:14) They don't even read the Bible, but they do carry one around trying to get dumkopfs to assume the title of Jesus Christ. It seems like the Jews have established every major form of religion, and none of them worship God or the Lord in Spirit and truth.

anarchist said...

Thanks for that articulate response. /sarcasm.