Thursday, March 26, 2009

Denial Watch: Wrong and a Bit Evil

There is a new documentary out that is getting lots of press attention; Age of Stupid. It features the last man of earth looking back on why we failed to act on global warming. It had it's première here in Bristol too.

Not to be out done, the denialosphere is trying to muscle in on the act with it's own offering, the oddly titled 'Not Evil Just Wrong'. Here's what on post on Bristol Indymedia had to say on it;

A new Irish film claims that climate change guru Al Gore is an alarmist and that those who think they are saving the planet are only hurting the poor. IF THE ADVANCE publicity is anything to go by, Not Evil Just Wrong will do for Al Gore what Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 did for George W Bush.

Riiight. The attempted comparison with Fahrenheit 911 is now a denialosphere talking point - try googling the two titles and you will see what I mean. The problem is that there appears to be no substance to back it up. Look at this Google Trends search of the two titles by comparison;

Not Evil Just Wrong is the tiny smudge of blue in the bottom-right that is so small it barely resisters. Now I know F911 has been out a while, but Not Evil Just Wrong has a loooong way to go. Like the other claims of global warming creationism, it is a fantasy of what they would like to be the case.

Now let's compare it to Age of Stupid. First off take the the number of official press reviews listed on each of the film's official film websites;

Not Evil Just Wrong: 2
Age of Stupid: 61

Again, Not Evil Just Wrong has a loooong way to go to beat Age of Stupid, never mind the much bigger Fahrenheit 911. Next using Google Trends to analyse the public searches for the two titles again, we get the same picture of a film that has a very, very narrow appeal; denialists - though you never know, it might change...

As for the content of the film, well it relies on the the DDT myth that has been busted and the director has a simplistic analysis that; CO2 grows plants therefore it is not bad. Still what would you expect from a duo who's last film, 'Mine Your Own Business' suggests that local communities really love having mines built next door and evil rich western environmentalists are the real problem.

Wrong and a bit evil too.


Anonymous said...

Has Not Evil Just Wrong come out yet?
if not, then your comparison is totally flawed... like the current global warming science.

anarchist said...

According to the producers website the release year is given as 2008 and I can see references to it going back to summer 2008 on denialist websites. So, yes it has been out a long time. Perhaps they are having trouble getting distribution because there seems to be no market for the film beyond the cadre of denialism?