Thursday, June 11, 2009

Denial Watch - BNP

It is always interesting to see the mish-mash of generally right-wing, but also a few lefties, who subscribe to the ill-defined 'it's-not-really-happening/it-is-happening-a-bit/it-is-happening-but-it-is-not-a-problem' view of global warming and its inevitable cause of what must amount to either the largest global conspiracy since the arrival of the Lizard Men, or that almost every single climatologist on the planet is so slow that they can't figure out what a handful of O-level trained amateurs can.

And now they are joined in their view with the illustrious company of the fascist far-right BNP;

The party do have other policies apart from race - but they seem a bit woolly. The BNP's website describes the party as 'Britain's only true green party'. However, Mr Griffin told reporters one of his first priorities in Europe would be an urgent campaign for more nuclear power stations.

He also cast doubt on evidence that human activity has caused global warming, saying: "They say the icecaps are melting. The ice has melted on Mars and there are no 4x4s there."

Wow - that is razor-sharp logic! Hive the man an honorary PhD!!!

Not that you needed any more reasons to see the BNP as hopeless backward, deluded idiots...

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