Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vote Day 2009

Vowles the Green has an interesting post using Google Insight to map out the political parties as searches on google, to gauge interest. In his run of the data the Greens come out on top. However this a tough tool to use as the search terms are key. If you change his original to the more common names for the parties involved (e.g. 'british national party' to 'bnp' and conservative' to 'tory') then the picture comes out different, with a surge in interest for the BNP, which drops off in recent days to put them equal with the Greens.

We also need to note that a search for a party does not have to mirror support for a party. But still it is interesting to speculate and hat-hip to Vowles for the idea.

See the original here and my version here.

Still, I feel we need to vote today, in whatever is the best way to keep the BNP out. To quote:

Each of us has the responsibility to stop the BNP. The best way we can do that is to not only to vote ourselves but to encourage everyone we know to go out and do the same.

Every person you get to the polls to vote for any other party makes it harder for the BNP to win a seat.

Email or phone your friends now and remind them to vote today.



Anonymous said...

Voting only encourages them and gives them a veneer of legitimacy.

Don't vote.

The way to combat the BNP is to combat their idiotic beliefs, not to pander to a system which encourages the belief that authority over another is just and good.

anarchist said...

But their election has given them money and status - and as their vote actually dropped - they get this because people did not vote. (I blame Neo-Labour too!)