Saturday, May 08, 2010

Election UK:No Pasaran!

So the election is over (for now) and the dust is settling. What now? No Pasaran was the battle-cry from the Spanish Civil War of the anti-fascist fighters; "They shall not pass". It's a great quote and important to celebrate the huge effort that people put in to flyering, campaigning and more to stop the BNP. This is a fight that has borne fruit, even though that was a small increase in vote for the far-right:
I do think such a tiny increase in the vote is a huge loss for the far-right. This was their 'perfect storm' - immigration was polled as the no.2 issue, the right-wing press pushes out anti-immigrant hate and scare stories day-after-day to millions of voters, the expenses scandal robbed the mainstream parties of any credibility (the BNP's election broadcast actually said "get your own back, vote BNP") and the economy is in trouble plus we're still locked in a seemingly endless war that both the main parties support - this was a once in a generation opportunity for the far right - and they blew it.

They blew it partly because the oxygen of publicity backfired exposing them for the incompetent racists they are (witness Griffin's incoherent rambling about the BNP's immigration policy on Radio 4, the one area he should know his way around and he came across like a petulant 4 year-old).

Partly because the high turn-out brought out the huge numbers of the majority who reject he far-right, and partly because people pounded the pavements distributing information that exposed the moral and political bankruptcy of the far-right.

The vast majority of the people have spoken - and they might not agree in what they do want, but there are clear in what they don't want - fascism.

Indeed. It is brought in to even clearer focus when you consider the words of F├╝hrer Griffin of the eve of the election:
This election, regardless of the results, is the watershed for this party.

This is the last election the British National Party fights as a large small party - we are now a small large party.

What's more, our enemies know this.

So how do we measure our success tomorrow morning? Yes, it would be fantastic to gain our first MP, but the fact that we have mounted our biggest ever parliamentary election campaign and fielded over 330 candidates a mere 11 months after the super-human effort we put into our successful Euro election campaign is just incredible.

Our growth and resilience is truly inspiring.

The BNP has arrived and will be knocking on the doors of power sooner than some ever imagined!

Ooops! Big fucking fail there. No MPs and 26 less local councillors. Plus all the lost deposits have cost the fascists a staggering £131,500!

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