Thursday, May 06, 2010

LIVE! Live Blogging Election Day

1.30AM: BNP loose deposit in Filton and Bradley Stoke with a rubbish 2.7% - Wot a fuck up.

1.23AM: In Northern Ireland the First Minister has lost...and lost to a non-sectarian party. Fucking great! His wife was the anti-gay god-bother who also broke bible rules. BNP also lost deposit in Torbay. Woo! Going to go to bed I think. Night.

1AM: BNP loose 2 more deposits. Hee hee.

Witching Hour: Greens confident of talking Brighton Pavillion says Guardian. BNP seem to have lost deposit in Sunderland Central.

11.41: Bugger - Washington & Sunderland West the vote for fuckwit BNP goes from just over 3% to just over 5% and they keep thier deposit. Shit.

11.23PM: BNP vote down by 2% in Sunderland!!! Not very good start for the master race.

11PM: Watching C4's comedy election coverage. After all, this current system is a bit of a democratic joke. Lancaster Unity is reporting ongoing in-fighting technical problems on BNP's website. Also lots of cops at Barking & Dagenham ready for result in tough fought battle there of coalition of anti-racists vs BNP. First results due through soon...

7.40PM: News websites are reporting a high turnout. Passed by my polling station (Bristol West) and it was brisk but not crowded.

1PM: There are other places also live blogging the election: Lancaster Unity, which is a great sourse of news about the far-right will be starting to live blog from 10pm. They have an interesting story on how the BNP website was down briefly due to in-fighting between the webmaster and the party. The Guardian are also live-blogging today, all day too.

11.54 AM: I'm going to be live-blogging election day where I can until I get bored and go to bed. So thus far I've voted (for Danny) and will be adding news and comment throughout the day.

To update, click the refresh button on your browser. I'll also twitter where I can.

Updating my previous post about what is of interest to me in the coming general election. So far we have:

- How Danny Kushlick did in Bristol West (Vote Danny!)
- How the Greens did in vote share (Bristol is a pretty Green city and I'm often surprised they do do better here...)
- How much we need to be worried by the BNP vote in Bristol (I'd expect a small rise, given the economic crisis, voter apathy and dissatisfaction with the existing political parties, combined with the drum-beat of anti-Muslim and anti-Immigration scare stories in the tabloids.)
- How well the candidates flagged by Ian Bone (and commentators) do.
- What the real outcome of the reported Lib-Dem swing will actually be (voters are often quite loyal to one party).
- If the BNP manages to get it's first MP and/or take Barking and Dagenham council.
- If the Greens managed to get their first MP in Brighton Pavilion.
- Can the Greens also make headway in Cambridge.
- How the bonkers proto-Taliban of the Christian Party do in Wales and in Bath with candidate Stephen Hewett.

And now..

There is also a few nutters in the Filton & Bradley Stoke constituency the hateful Nazi BNP and the bonkers UKIP and Christian Party. Let's see how they do in this newly minted boundary.

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