Monday, April 26, 2010

Election UK: Christian Party of Wales, What a Laff!

One of the things I love about an election is all the small parties that emerge. It is always fascinating to see what political permutations people will come up with - some interesting and some not - and some are, well a bit batty. So it was with great amusement that I encountered the Christian Party of Wales...

I saw their election broadcast on the telly and it is a bit odd to say the least. It shows a guy with a combat jacket and DMs on marching up a hill with a big pole on his shoulders. It then cuts to a guy who looks like the man from Bargain Hunt (but less orange) who talks about god for a bit then starts banging on about the EU (who'd have thought Jesus was so down on Europe!) while cutting back to the paramilitary march up the hill. Then the guy on the hill unfurls the flag on the pole - the flag of St.David (back flag with a yellow cross) and small bunch of people, led by another bloke in a combat jacket marches up the hill to the flag. Baffling really. Like a UKIP broadcast with more god in it.

So I checked out their manifesto. It's a mix of a few policies that sound ok then layers and layers of nutty god-shit. Including:
- Re-instate the teaching of ‘Classical’ subjects in every school.
- Ensure that proper balanced teaching and debate occurs in schools around the concepts of ‘Evolution’ and ‘Creation/Design in the universe’.

Then it gets really odd. This rich vein of US style freemarket capitalism emerges..
- Sell off state owned hospitals and healthcare facilities to private sector healthcare providers.
- Support radical cuts in the public-sector workforce in order to reduce both the size of government and the size of the government spending.

The immigration policy is pretty far-right (very Christian, not) and they seem to hate the EU. All in, it reads like a transplanting of US Evangelical bat-shit into this green and pleasant land. A twisted mutation of the bile, bible, BNP and UKIP.

I hope they are decimated on voting day. These people are crazier than a box of frogs.


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