Friday, April 23, 2010

Athiest vs Theist - Brother vs Brother

Bristol is hosing 2 talks as part of the Festival of Ideas; Christopher Hitchens, author of 'God is Not Great' and prominent atheist (amongst other things) and his brother, Peter with a talk entitled 'How Atheism Drove me to Faith' - but on different dates.

Awwwwwwwwww c'mon - put 'em on the same date and lets see the brotherly love turn to blood that is thicker than water...

Come to think of it, are they really brothers - they look similar...

And you never see them in the same room at the same Superman and Clark Kent?

Anyhow a couple of other talks I'd recommend...

- Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better (11th May)
- Do Statues Weep? The Importance of Scepticism (14th May) - one the tin-foil hat brigade should see.
- Ben Goldacre on Drug Company Bullshit (18th May)

Great stuff!

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