Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Israel's Moral Limbo

Following on from my last post about Israel, I noted this impassioned plea for progress and peace by the Israel paper Haaretz:
"Unfortunately, Israel's 62nd Independence Day finds it in a kind of diplomatic, security and moral limbo that is certainly no cause for celebration. It is isolated globally and embroiled in a conflict with the superpower whose friendship and support are vital to its very existence. It is devoid of any diplomatic plan aside from holding onto the territories and afraid of any movement. It wallows in a sense of existential threat that has only grown with time. It seizes on every instance of anti-Semitism, whether real or imagined, as a pretext for continued apathy and passivity. In many respects, it seems that Israel has lost the dynamism and hope of its early decades, and is once again mired in the ghetto mentality against which its founders rebelled."

It seems that the current military and diplomatic strategy, born in the fires of Neo-Conservatism, has not delivered anything except more perpetual war. The problem is that Israel will not will a demographic war with the Palestinians. Peace is their only hope, but it is held in check by extremists on both sides and a militarised state that can only envision war.


emanuel appel said...

Dear Anarchist

Methinks you are supporting the most Statist, tyrannical group when you mention Arabs/Moslems in the same breath as Israel.

Arab imperialism is the force behind Islam whereas Israel's only goal is to live within their own house. Look at their record for the last 2000 years.

Israel accepted partition of the land in 1948 and was invaded by her neighbors. The reason for the present state of affairs is the 1967 war inititated by Egypt and Jordan. Start a war and live by the consequences is an idea that the Arab mind finds difficult to understand.

It's easy to win a demographic war by expelling the losers. Eventually, Israel will do it because of Arab actions.

anarchist said...

Dear emanuel appel

Methinks you don't know what you are taking about and you're a bit racist. There is no such thing as an 'Arab mind' any more than there is a 'Jewish mind' or a 'Negro Mind' or any other bollocks.

It is easy to win a demographic war by expelling the losers - something a certain Mr.Hitler started his vision of a greater Germany with, before moving on to more extreme methods. He also blamed the victims for this.

This comment is the perfect example of why the state of Israel is in moral limbo; conflating ethnicity/race/individuals/nations/right/wrong/genocide/war into one big teetering mish-mash without moral compass.

Thanks for proving my point.