Thursday, June 24, 2004

Well, Oil Be Dammed.

Bristol saw the first Peak Oil workshop on the Saturday just gone (19th) which was the first organised event by Sally, the woman who had originally been posting the issue on Bristol Indymedia. It was a good event with lots of positive discussion, a testament to Sally’s hard work and the diligent mindset of those who attended. There is an egroup for interested people to join at:

It has been pointed out by a comrade how little the oil issue springs into the mainstream until it is forced there either by economics (when the price of a barrel goes up) or death (of westerners, not Jonnie Foreigner). He cited a report of the destruction of an oil storage depot in Russia – al Qaeda expanding their targeting of the oil infrastructure – knowing it to be a sure-fire way to send a message to the military-industrical complex? Well, IMHO it is time to look at that which is not talked about, so here’s my info sheet from the Peak Oil day:

This excellent site captures news stories about peak oil and related issues from all over the web and deposits them in one helpful place - a good spot to keeping up-to-date on energy developments.
This is the main site of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas. This has lots of facts, figures and graphs plus links to other sites and articles. Not the best site design and organisation - but full of good links.
This site (aka is run by former LADP Officer Mike Rupert. Some of the stuff can be a little conspiracy-like, but overall it is a good resource with many excellent articles and analysis of oil and geopolitics.
A very depressing site who's name comes from the biological term given for a given species population crash once it exceeds the resources it needs to survive. If you ignore the doom-and-gloom outlook on the site these is some good analysis of oil and population.


(can I suggest you order these from Greenleaf, as an essential component to a future without oil is a strong local economy - this is something you won't help by shopping at Amazon, Borders or Waterstones! Greenleaf can be contacted at 0117 921 1369, email: or pop in and see them at 82 Colston St, Bristol, BS1 5BB. Website:

'The End of the Oil Age' by Dale Allen Pfieffer
ISBN: 1411606299
The End of the Oil Age is an anthology of science and geopolitical articles written by Dale Allen Pfeiffer. This collection contains all of the author's major articles about energy depletion, the confluence of environmental problems set to converge upon the world, and the implications for modern civilization. Understanding the global peak of oil production and the North American natural gas cliff is essential for making sense of what is happening in the world today. The book is a warning about the end of hydrocarbon based technological civilization.

'Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict' by Michael T. Clare
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 0805055762
From the oilfields of Saudi Arabia to the Nile delta, from the shipping lanes of the South China Sea to the pipelines of Central Asia , Resource Wars looks at the growing impact of resource scarcity on the military policies of nations.

The PARTY'S OVER: Oil, War and the fate of Industrial Societies by Richard Heinberg
Publisher: Clairview Books
ISBN: 1902636457
When Mike Bowlin, Chairman of ARCO, said in 1999 that "We've embarked on the beginning of the last days of the age of oil," he was voicing a truth that many others in the petroleum industry knew but dared not utter. Over the past few years, evidence has mounted that global oil production is nearing its historic peak. Richard Heinberg has distilled complex facts, histories, and events into a readable overview of the energy systems that keep today's mass society running. The result is jarring.

Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability by David Holmgren
Publisher: Holmgren Design Services
ISBN: 0646418440
This book uses permaculture principles as a framework for an empowering but challenging vision of creative adaptation to a world of energy descent. David Holmgren builds on the extraordinary success of the permaculture concept (which he co-originated with Bill Mollison 25 years ago) and the global permaculture movement, to provide a more cerebral and controversial contribution to the sustainability debate.

Renewables Are Ready: People Creating Renewable Energy Solutions by Nancy Cole and P.J. Skerrett
ISBN: 0-930031-73-3
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

Energy use in the world has reached a critical crossroads. To prevent exhaustion of the last of our fossil fuels, we must commit ourselves to two goals: reduction of present levels of energy consumption, and widespread development and implementation of practical, affordable renewable energy technologies. In Renewables Are Ready, authors Nancy Cole and P.J. Skerrett tell the inspirational stories of Americans who have made renewable energy a reality in their own communities.

Wind Energy Basics: A Guide to Small and Micro Wind Systems by Paul Gipe; Foreword by Richard Perez of Home Power Magazine
ISBN: 1-890132-07-1
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

The wind power industry has been transformed in the 1990s by dramatic breakthroughs in efficiency, economy, and adaptability. Wind Energy Basics is the most up-to-date source available of information about small wind systems. The book includes the unique "standard small wind turbine rating" developed by the author, which is designed to help readers wade through conflicting performance claims by manufacturers in the U.S. and overseas. Also included is detailed information on planning, siting, and installing a wind system, and on integrating wind power with solar for more cost-effective and reliable off-the-grid applications.