Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mash-up CD
Me and Parasite have produced a CDR with 4 Mega-Mashups from the archive of the Parasite & 606 Internet radio show. All the proceeds from this CD go towards anti-G8 actions and the Dissent network. As I write this, June 2005 the world leaders are making final travel arrangements to come to the UK and try to push for more business as usual. Networks like Dissent are aiming to shut them down!!!! Buy this CD – Dissent get funds the fight the power, you get four Mega-Mashups to rock out big-time to – everyone’s’ a winner!

For £3.50, you'd be mad not too!


Saturday, June 18, 2005

The newly re:branded (now has a top section of guides to activism: - plus also reading article on laying the ground-work for an attack on Iran and how the US used napalm in Iraq.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Listening to Cassandra

What follows is a really important article - I can't recomend strongly enought that we should all read it, and take notice:

The Cassandra Principle and the Demise of the Cod by Paul Watson

The problem with being a conservationist is that we have all become like Cassandra, the doom and gloom prophetess princess of Troy. It is our burden to make predictions based on the observed ecological stupidity of humanity and to cast these predictions out as warnings. And like Cassandra, we appear doomed to have our predictions ignored or dismissed...I warned the Canadian government that the Atlantic cod fishery would collapse within a decade. It collapsed in 1992.....The government announced a two-year moratorium. I told the media in Newfoundland and Canada that a two-year moratorium was ridiculous. I said at the time that the cod would not recover in ten years or fifty years and may not recover at all....The Canadian government and its small army of scientific posers that I call biostitutes dismissed me as a doom and gloom environmentalist. I was called naïve, ignorant, stupid, and overly dramatic.

Thirteen years later, my prediction is becoming reality.

This month, researchers who have studied data over a 40-year period have discovered that the food chain in the North Atlantic has been drastically altered with the disappearance of the cod.

What this means, is that the entire Northwest Atlantic marine ecosystem is being restructured because of the collapse of East Coast cod populations. These same scientists are now saying that the data indicates that recovery of the cod may be impossible.....The three basic laws of ecology have been violated for too many years:

- The Law of Diversity that rules that the strength of an ecosystem is dependent upon the diversity of species within it.

- The Law of Interdependence that rules that all these species must be interdependent.

- And the Law of Finite Resources that dictates that there are limits to growth.

You don’t need expensive complex, long-winded, drawn-out studies to predict that an ecosystem is in trouble. You just need to observe if the three ecological laws are being respected.

We soooo don't learn. It guess nature will teach us.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bushit & Bliar
So Bush'n'Bliar have hooked up again to hatch nasty Dr.Evil style plots such as taking over the world. I did note that hidden in thier droning speaches was...TRUTH!!! Wow. Debt is a big issue at the moment (it always is to those in the third world, but hey, we've got Big Brother 6 to watch! can't be expect to care all the time) Anyhow, they were saying that there will be no dropping of debt unless it is going to make the current system a profit. Never mind that the debt is false (given to tin-pot dictators) and that the poor have more than paid it back - rEaLiTy ChEcK notes: debt is the method of economic control, as Bush noted; We're really not interested in supporting a government that doesn't have open economies and open markets. There you have it - unless you sign on the neo-liberal line - your people can starve. What Bush is saying is that it is more important to privatize things than to fight poverty. And here's Bliar, telling the truth for a change; "I think there is a real desire to make sure that we cancel the debt, and cancel the debt in such a way that it doesn't inhibit or disadvantage the international institutions." There you have it - does this speech remind anyone of the compensation for slave owners when formal slavery was ended? It does me. If people want to drop debt then they need to get radical -