Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pantera Plectrum Takes on GM Milk!
So I've donated a Signed Pantera Ticket with Plectrum to aid the Sainsbury's Five. I got the ticket signed and plectrum from a gig in Newport, Wales in 28th September 1992. I traveled up from Devon just to see Pantera. They were supporting Megadeth at the time. At the end of their set, Pantera's guitarist 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott threw his plectrum into the crowd and my then girlfriend caught it and gave it to me! Rock on! After the bit of the gig I went to, I went to the bar and there saw Dimebag Darrell getting a drink. I had a brief chat with him, told him the show was great (because it was) then asked him to sign my ticket, which he did. I am a little sad to part with these, but want to help the cause by donating something unique – of which I thought of this!! I guess it is doubly sad as DimeBag Darrell was shot last year by an angry fan. Still it is cool to see Pantera being given the breakcore treatment by people like Aaron Spectre.

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