Tuesday, December 13, 2005

'Resistance! Occupied Iraq and its Defiance of Bush'
I have just finished reading 'Resistance! Occupied Europe and its Defiance of Hitler'. Its is a fascinating trawl through the WWII underground. Full of inspiring stories of humanity and courage in the face of dictatorship. Stories like the spontaneous movement of Danes to hide their fellow citizens who were Jewish from the Nazi sweeps which saved around 90% of the population from the final solution. It also makes you think of contemporary times – Iraq and its insurgency/resistance/terrorists – whatever. In the talk by Eric Herring I listen to he talked about the Colition counter-insurgency officers who discussed the 'borrowing' of Nazi methods. If this is the case, here is food for thought from the book: Olaug Titlestad, a member of the resistance in Norway during the war notes; "When somebody had been arrested by the Gestapo, we used to watch his family and we invariably found what we were hoping for: we recruits for the resistance." Another resistance member, Dr. Eilert Eilertsen echoed this, "I am convinced that the Gestapo’s violence and terror actually created the Norwegian resistance movement."

Could it be that the coalitions killings, torture, bombings and corruption is creating the terror? Think so? Hmmmm.

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