Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The War on Terror is Terror
I have run out of describing, identifying, or quantifying words related to how the war in Iraq is sinking our culture to new lows of violence and debasement. This conflict has no 'bottom' and we seem locked in a deadly embrace with al-Qaeda, cycling down into hell. This is not paradise lost, its paradise no-hope. Its time to call it what it is - the War on Terror is nothing more that Terrorism on a grander scale than al-Qaeda, ETA, The Real IRA or anyone else you care to mentioned could conceive of...

From GNN"The Interior Ministry is at the epicenter of Iraq’s violent malaise. It is the headquarters for the Badr and Wolf Brigades; the American-trained death squads which are responsible for the massive assassination program directed at “alleged” Sunni resistance fighters. The torture chambers, death squads, and random bombings are not caused by foreign terrorists, nor are they the work of Iranian agents striving for a theocratic regime in Baghdad. They are, in fact, the nefarious activities of American puppet-masters, who matriculated in the terror wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Now, under Uncle Sam’s benign gaze, they are plying their trade in Iraq; wreaking havoc and spreading suffering on an unimaginable scale."

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