Monday, January 05, 2009

The Media in Gaza

Or not, as the Israeli army banned the press from Gaza saying;

"We must not allow international press to open a public relations office for terrorists."

But the Foreign Press Association took them to court over this;

"We believe the Israeli government should ensure unfettered access for the world's media to Gaza during this crisis."

And won. However the military is still refusing to let the press in changing the story to 'security risks'. Not that this is new - all governments try to control the press during war. What is interesting however, is that despite this the reports are flooding from Gaza thanks to digital media:

That the Israelis should use an old Soviet tactic to blind the world's vision of war may not be surprising. But the result is that Palestinian voices – as opposed to those of Western reporters – are now dominating the airwaves. The men and women who are under air and artillery attack by the Israelis are now telling their own story on television and radio and in the papers as they have never been able to tell it before, without the artificial "balance", which so much television journalism imposes on live reporting. Perhaps this will become a new form of coverage – letting the participants tell their own story. The flip side, of course, is that there is no Westerner in Gaza to cross-question Hamas's devious account of events: another victory for the Palestinian militia, handed to them on a plate by the Israelis.


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