Tuesday, January 20, 2009

War! What is it good for...in this case Absolutely Nothing

Well event that is not true - this war in Gaza seems to me to be a total failure on all fronts. For the death of over 1300 people, the destruction of 21,000 homes and buildings and the rendering homeless of 50,000 people - what has Israel got to show for it? A weakened Israeli position and a strengthened Hamas. Nice work IDF! What a fuck up, by any measure. Here's the scorecard:

* Stopping Hamas from being able to fire rockets - Failed.
* Breaking Hamas as an organisation - Failed (though they didn't fight back as much as they boasted)
* Detering Hamas from attacking - Failed.
* Weakening Hamas politically - Failed.
* Sending a message to Hamas's sponsor, Iran - Failed.

All we have is the death, destruction and a shaky truce not that dissimilar from the one that was in place before the Gaza offensive. As wars go this has to be one of the most un-decisive ever.

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