Saturday, January 03, 2009

More Updates on Gaza

As the bombing and death grinds on, a few more links of interest;

Why, despite the bombing, Hamas is still going strong;

In the west, too many people think that Hamas is "only" the "terrorist organization" that it's designated to be by the US State Department. They imagine it is made up of wild-eyed, implacable Islamist radicals who have much more in common with the Afghan Taliban than with any movement that is considered "civilized" in the west....Not so. Hamas's founder, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, always placed a lot of emphasis on the need for education, self-restraint, and the need to rebuild the social fabric of Palestinian constituencies torn apart by years of Israeli attacks, occupation (including the heinous divide-and-rule tactics of the Shin Bet), and physical and social dispersal.


Anarchists Against the Wall block an Israeli airbase.

US-client state and only country which boarders into Gaza except Israel, Egypt is having to deploy riot police to keep control.

Israel bans press from reporting from Gaza

Divide and rule: US backed Palestinian forces ban pro-Hamas protests.

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Anonymous said...

Liking the blog, mate. Don't forget to publicise the upcoming actions in Bristol. Nightly protests starting again tomorrow (5/1) from 5pm in the Centre, opposite the Hippodrome. DETAILS.