Tuesday, December 22, 2009

High Tech US Army Drones Hacked - for $26

Here's another news story to file under 'the failure of the war on terror' - it seems that Iraqi insurgents have been hacking into the video feeds of the Predator drones that the US army uses as its eyes-in-the-sky. The US army said they'd not yet taken control on a drone - but I'd wager that that scenario is only a matter of time...

US officials have disclosed that Iraqi militants have found a way to hack into US Predator drone aircraft in an effort that is possibly being funded by Iran. The breach could be providing them with information that could help them evade capture by US authorities, and they could be doing it for as little as $25.95.... Military officials have apparently known about the issue since late last year, when a laptop from a Shiite militant contained drone video feeds. Since then several other laptops have been confiscated with similar data found. Evidence has been found in Afghanistan of hacking as well, indicating our enemies may also be spreading this information. So, where is this loophole that’s allowing people to get in? According to officials, its in the the downlink which has no encryption. They have known about the issue since the 1990s, but never did anything about it because they assumed our enemies wouldn’t know about it.

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