Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Xmas Message: Why I Don't Believe in God

Here is why in two simple steps. Step one is to watch this:

Step two then is to consider - after seeing the vast magnitude of the universe and how tiny, tiny, tiny we are within its scale - the kind of Gods sold us thus far require us to marry the vastness of the universe with the petty Bronze-age tribal mindset that seems to pervade all major religions, that the god who created all this - from pulsars to time itself - gives a shit whether I eat pork or the gender of the person I may choose to sleep with?

Get a fucking grip.


Anonymous said...

God doesn't have to be as described in any organised religion in order to exist.
I didn't believe in the idea either until I read deepak chopra's book on it. Now I think it's unquestionable that there is a higher force existing beyond the material world.

anarchist said...

deepak chopra, not unlike global warming denalists, relies on a lack of knowledge about things like Quantum Physics from his followers. Here's some examples of him talking shit about evolution: http://pharyngula.org/index/weblog/comments/moonbat_anti_evolutionist_deepak_chopra/

Thanks for the comment.

Tim said...

I think you're making the mistake of assuming that scale (or size) denotes importance. This is also a Bronze-age tribal mindset! The complexity of the human mind (and life in general) has a vastness comparable to that of the universe, in a way. A rock is just a rock, and a planet a lot of rock, but life has a complexity and variety - a vastness - on every scale. That's not to justify pointless religious laws of course. But are all of them all that pointless?

Oh, and come to think of it, the idea that one thing being relatively insignificant to God should mean that God doesn't care about it at all relies on a strange conception of God too. Why should an eternal God not care about every part of creation to the smallest detail? For God to prioritise would imply God has to divide God's attention - a very limited anthropic God indeed!

Dan said...

I think it's pretty clear there isn't a God who can "care about every part of creation to the smallest detail" or surely there would be no natural disasters.

Proclaimer said...

I think that when you examine the sheer complexities that support and sustain life, even right down to the internal factory like production and mechanisms just within a single cell; there can be no doubt that there is a fantastic designer to all of this. To believe that the whole balance of our world and universe came about by some chaotic big bang, accident, random selection requires more faith (blind faith at that) than the faith that people place in a great designer.
Man throughout the ages has fought against the notion that God exists to justify their desire not to admit that there is indeed something or someone bigger than them.

Anonymous said...

A doctor friend of mine exclaimed the opposite. How it seems so unlikely that something as complex as life would be designed - that it would be much more natural to think it has evolved. The complexity is evidence FOR evolution.

Take for example something complex that humans have built, a nuclear power plant. When you go deeper into it, you find that many of the components, take a single valve, actually has a long ancestry of improvements and different trials and errors. Generations of different valves came before it. The same with steel or concrete materials. So in a sense the power plant is designed but it is also a product of technological evolution.