Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow and Global Warming

So some parts of the UK have had bad snow. I was thinking to myself, I bet some total prick who does not understand the difference between 'weather' (what is happening now) and 'climate' (the system itself) will pop up and post a smarmy comment about global warming having failed because it has snowed heavily in winter. I thought to myself, "where can I see if I am right? Where would such an ignoramus who thinks that climate change means warming for all the earth all the time rather than the reality of the science which says that the climate sytem overall will have more heat energy meaning local changes in existing weather patterns that could even result in colder weather for some areas (e.g. if the UK lost the Gulf Stream) and will increase the frequency of more extreme weather as the system alters."

Where? The Daily fucking Mail.

Global warming hits again ha ha



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