Saturday, July 10, 2010

David Mitchell Spells it Out

Great polemic that makes a lot of sense...

We are going to need people like David to counter the denial bullshit - why because the denial crew have got a lot of things in their favour.

- Using oil and stuff has lots of nice things about it - like flying.
- The right-wing media (which is most of it) are on their side so can be relied upon to twist, distort and bullshit along with then.
- There is lots of money on the denial side - big oil and think thanks have pumped the denial side with lots of cash.
- Most people would rather it is not happening. We'd all love to be told it's not true. Thus counter information appeals to us while the facts don't.
- We tend not to like scientists much - we think of them as smart asses. (Which is not true if you meet them)

However as David says - the facts are it is true. After the denial crew and their wealthy and powerful allies have been attacking every single pillar of climate science relentlessly for decades, the science (not it's perception) is more solid than ever. It's more real than ever and getting real-er!

So we have to get real.

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