Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wikileaks Fallout: Fox News Comments are Nuts!

This is no big surprise - the commentators on Fox News are nuts - and nothing brings the nuts to the surface like a big news story pushing reality into their cosy neo-con world view as the fall out from the wikileaks story contines... Here's a tiny sample of the crazzzsy on offer there:

We are fighting a war here folks,s--t happens in war. If we have a group targeting our worst enemies,good for them,and i wish them much success. We already know Pakistan cannot be trusted,and that Iran assists our enemies,so what's new? Get out of the way Mr. President,and liberal anti-war activists,and let us win this war! Otherwise, Afghanistan will indeed be O'bama's Vietnam,and another of many blights on his legacy. Imagine being a worse President than Jimmy "pea-nuts" Carter.

Right - 'cos for the bulk of the war - from 2001 until 2009, the forces of the right were in control and they did sooo well winning the war. Not. Face it, the right had this war, ran it as it saw fit - and fucked it up royally. Next.

I say Obama himself is behind all this mess. Who else would have easy access to so many classified WAR documents? IMPEACH OBAMA, IMPEACH WIKILEAKS!

This has to be a joke. So Obama, who has taken over the war, leaks documents that embarras his running of the war and you want to impeach Wikileaks - a website? Woah. Logic died today.

There is no doubt in my mind that this leak and others is a deliberate attempt by left wing liberals worldwide to undermine us in the USA. We should be concentrating the Justice Department force on this, NOT the Arizona Laws. As long as this administration is run by left wing radicals you can forget having ANY secrets as there are traitors in our midst at ALL levels. It is time for the truth to be told that the USA has been infiltrated by communists for many years just waiting for the opportunity to destroy us. The fact that SERVING members of our military forces are part of this illegal exposure of what are effectively SECRETS should be a warning to all real Americans who do NOT want to be part of the New World Order as espoused by many of our politicians.

Ah, the New World Order - those sneaky people are behind everything! So the war that was started by the NWO is now being exposed by the NWO? Woah. Logic died today. Again.


Anonymous said...

Hey fat kid, aka "Anarchist". Put down your jelly donuts and your XBOX360 controller and get a clue. You have no "logical" thinking ideas/comments on this blog. All you do is comment on what others write. You TURD!

anarchist said...

I'm not really a doughnut sort of person. But hey, thanks for stopping by with your insightful and analytic comments on my comments suggesting that commenting on comments is not a good thing to do!

Anonymous said...

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