Friday, July 23, 2010

Fighting for God - Fighting Evil (eeek!!!)

So what does this image show?

A religious nutter with holy book and gun.

So what does this image show?

Religious nutters with holy books and guns.

Not much difference between the two - one Muslim and one Christain, both convinced that in the battle of good vs evil they are on the side of good along with thier version of God.


And here's a scary story where soldiers in the US military opposing the Christianisation of it, get death threats - including ones aimed at their kids. Prince of peace? Hmmmm.


manuel moe g said...

The equivalence, here, is false, in my opinion.

Among all the Children of Abraham (Jews, Muslims, Christians; the three desert death cults, if you will), at this point of time, radical Islam is probably more dangerous than the most dangerous dopes among the Jews and Christians. I very much appreciate the intellectual contributions of the Muslims of old (the number Zero & Arabic numerals, algorithms, preservations of the writing of the ancient Greeks), and Mohammad was responsible for some blessed moral innovations (social structures for care of orphans and widows, social structures for peaceful co-existence of differing faiths), but today's radical Islam takes the Booby prize for frothing senseless violence.

If I got to know them, I might end up buying those Christian soldiers a beer. I would have mixed feelings about being restrained and being beaten with bars of soap in pillow cases, if these good soldiers found out I was an atheist. Mixed feelings.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand - I thought you guys all supported Hamas and Hezbollah?