Saturday, April 26, 2003

A Few of My Favourite Things
Lots of stuff I write is very doom and gloom. There is some bad-shit going down int he world and we do need to Let's hear it for Bristol!! Yeah. I'm sitting here writing to this listening to top local hip from Aspects and breakcore by Parasite and its time for me to stop ranting and start saying 'Yay! go Bristol!' So what do I think Bristol has to celebrate? Here's my top 5 (in no particular order!)

- The Local Elections; while Labour, Lib Dems and Tory might hate it, the smaller fringe parties like the Bristolian, Greens, Socialist labour Party and Socialist Alliance and Indy candidates, but especially the Bristolian Party are making this representative democracy far more functional than it has been for years. Sure, as an anarchist, this democracy ain't where I'd like to see it, but it's something to be proud of. (Before anyone posts about the BNP, I have not included the BNP in this list as they are anti-democratic, despite the suits they now wear; fascism is fascism.)

- Stop the War Movement; on the day war broke out, seeing the centre of the city thronged like a new year, with my fellow Bristolians who'd been through arguably the most intense and sophisticated propaganda campaign for some time, and still emerged to say; No. Sure you can argue about what should or should not have happened at demos, about other tactics and so on, but let’s not forget the moment we had and could still have. It shows that here in Bristol, we give a shit what happens in out name. it was inspiring to be at Fairford and hear the Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors speech remarking that the first time they came to the gates of the U$ Empire Airbase there were a handful of them. Before long there were 10,000 of us. Super-duper-power to the people.

- Ashley Vale Self Build Project; People are doing it for themselves. What once was a derelict building site near St. Wereburg City Farm is well underway to becoming a thriving community. The houses look fantastic, there top eco and community design going on and what's more it's been done primarily with the energy and passion of ordinary people. You go Ashley Vale!

- MacDonalds in Clifton Closed; Ha ha ha. When I first discovered Whiteladies Road, the site was an ethical food shop. Whoever owned the site, made sure that the Sainsbury had no competition be 're-developing' the site and replacing the ethical shop with a MacDonalds. Years later and Maccy-Ds are in financial trouble and the site is burger-less. Ha. Up yours Ronald MacDonald and up yours Jaime Oliver.

- Music, sweet music; The super-clubs are imploding, but does this mean Bristol's music scene is dead? No way. The scenes never were/are created in super-clubs. They are always down to the work of dedicated and passionate groups of people. Some examples? You just have to stroll through St.Pauls on a summers day to hear the most fantastic reggae and ragga drifting out over the streets. Hip-Hop with Hombre Records are doing some top stuff. The Black Swan in Easton is pushing things forward. A shout-out to the Choke music mag people for their top work on the scene. Punk it up for Bristol well-active punk scene organised by loads of people including the bods from Disruptive Element. Plus a final shout-out to Death$ucker records for bring top talent like Venetian Snares and Knifehandchop to play in Bristol. Anyone else; to the indy records shops, to the small venues and the people doing it - you know who you are and you help make Bristol what it is.

There's more, loads more I could include and I’m proud of in our fair city; but I want to get out and enjoy it! None of it will be in the 'City of Culture 2008' propaganda attempt to ethnically and politically erase the non-corporate aspects of the city, but all of it and more make Bristol a top place to live. Bring it on Bristol.

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