Monday, June 23, 2003

One Rule for Them and another for Us.
In all the fake media hysteria surrounding the infiltration of Aaron Barschak - the comedy terrorist' there are a few base issues that have been, as usual, totally ignored by the feeding-frenzy of royal correspondents. And it pisses me off. Here is a crystal clear example of the ‘one rule for them and another for us’ ideology that all states perpetuate. What do I mean. Two examples of gross police malpractice have recently come to light. In once case, 2 local men are fitted-up for murder and serve 14 years in prison despite being innocent. Do the police apologize? Do they, fuck. Is there an enquiry in the this miscarriage of justice? Is there, fuck.

In another case some stand-up comedian gatecrashes a party and within a day there are investigations all over the place. There is a full and unreserved apology and much groveling and scraping from the police. Why is it that if you are a royal, then the police fall over themselves both to admit mistakes and investigate? Why is it that if you’re a working class prole from Gloucester, not only do the police not give a fuck; but they can fit you up with impunity.

Gary Mills and Tony Poole were innocent but served 14 years inside, detained at Prince Willaim’s Gran’s pleasure. This is the scandal that should be all over the front pages. Prince William is elevated to a status above us by no other virtue that the family he was born into. That accident of birth splashes him all over the media. He receives the fawning attention of the police while his subjects; people like Gary and Tony, the family Stephen Lawrence and the thousands of others fitted up and locked up and dumped on by the state have to struggle year after year, uphill for even a semblance of justice. This is a symptom of a system that is rotten to the core and when he assumes the throne, William will be the living embodiment of that putrid husk.

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