Monday, September 29, 2003

The Land of Milk and Money
The faceless management drones behind BAE Systems, partly based at Filton, must really hate democracy. In common with the Taliban, they must really detest and loathe the democratic process. That’s not to say they don’t love the state – because they do. The state is the cow from which they suckle. They love the money the state has to spend on guns and the subsidies it offers for the sale of more guns. What they don’t love is the idea that the same people whose labour that produces the milk from which they suckle should have a say in where the milk goes. Revelations have come to light that BAE has been spending thousands and thousands of pounds on covert surveillance of anti-arms trade activists. They been employing people to infiltrate and evaluate; gather bank details, private correspondence, addresses, phone numbers and personal dairies on hundred and hundreds of peace activists, environmentalists, pacifists and anyone else who was interested in the stupid notion that we can have a say in where our taxes go.

So if you’re a peace activist you get the pleasure of being spied on twice. Once by BAE Systems and once by the police forward intelligence teams. What gets worrying then is the thought that the two then collaborate with one another thus creating a mergers of corporate and state interested, which is the very essence of what Benito Mussolini defined as fascism; or maybe that is exactly what BAE would prefer?

You see BAE Systems loves dictatorships. In common with the Taliban, they love people who rule with the iron fist. They love 'em because firstly they can sell them more iron fists and secondly because they don’t have to worry about the pesky involvement of the ordinary people. Ordinary people, if left without a regular pounding from a BAE supplied iron fist, end up taking an interest in thier country and then force the BAE to spend its valuable profits on spying. You name a brutal regime and BAE are there wining a dining the killers, dictators, tortures and despots. All subsidised by our taxes. You see its also come to light that BAE operated a slush fund to purchase houses and other perks for corrupt despots to ensure the milk flowed freely. Dictatorships like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Indonesia are to BAE Systems, lands of milk and honey.

In fact BAE Systems; the arms dealer, peeping tom, slush fund operator and all round opponent of democracy is a fitting sponsor of @Bristol, proudly standing alongside fellow dodgy companies; baby killers Neslte and earth rapers Rio Tinto Zinc.

However it should be pointed out that not everything is going BAE's way. The war in Iraq, which was supposed to be paid for from the oil revenue, is not going according to plan. As such the US has demanded Britain stump-up more cash – which has squeezed the military budget and so is causing the MOD to review a number of proposed contracts with BAE.

PS. A big-up to the courageous Israeli pilots who have refused to fly 'Targeted Killing ' missions (i.e assassinations via air-to-ground missile) because to the civilian deaths that have resulted from such missions. A humane action in a world gone mad.

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